Sentence Examples

  • It does not judge ministers (Brodie-Innes, Comparative Principles of the Laws of England and Scotland, 1903, p. 144).
  • By Scots act of 1707, c. 9, their powers were transferred to the judges of the court of session, who now constitute a " teind court " (Brodie-Innes, op. cit.
  • Of Forres, is situated Brodie Castle, partly ancient and partly modern.
  • Alexander Brodie (1617-1680), the fourteenth laird, was one of the commissioners who went to the Hague to treat with Charles II., and afterwards became a Scottish lord of session and an English judge.
  • In 1868 he succeeded Faraday as Fullerian professor of chemistry at the Royal Institution, and in 1872 he was elected, in succession to Sir Benjamin Brodie, Waynflete professor of chemistry at Oxford, a chair he occupied for 40 years.