Sentence Examples

  • There are numerous brickyards, lime-kilns and flour-mills in the district neighbouring to Chatham; and the town carries on a large retail trade, in great measure owing to the presence of the garrison.
  • Treviso is the seat of various manufactures - ironworks and pottery, macaroni, cotton-spinning and rice-husking, paper, printing, brushes, brickyards, flourmills - and is the centre of a fertile district.
  • There are a large foundry and several large brickyards here.
  • There are steam flour mills, furniture factories and various other small manufactories; but the main economic interest of the city is in brickyards and coal-mines in its immediate vicinity.
  • Its industries include iron and steel works, breweries, distilleries and brickyards, and the manufacture of starch, sugar, malt, machinery and artificial manure.

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