Sentence Examples

  • SWELLENDAM, a town of South Africa, Cape province, in the valley of the Breede River, 192 m.
  • S., near the Breede river are thermal springs with a temperature of 145 0 F.
  • Long took off from the Breede River and fertilized a large area, with the result that Robertson ranks as the second richest district in the province.
  • Among other Dutch words frequently used in place-names may be instanced: rhenoster (rhinoceros) olifant (elephant), mooi (pretty), modder (mud), klip (cliff), berg (mountain), burg or stad (town), zwart (black), klein (little), groote (great), breede (broad), nieuw (new), zuur (sour), bokke (buck).
  • On the south coast the most westerly stream of any size is the Breede (about 165 m.

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