Sentence Examples

  • The city of Chicago recently became the first American city to ban the sale of baby products manufactured with BPA, although the state of Minnesota and Suffolk County, New York have signed similar measures.
  • This article will give you a brief background of BPA plastic, will highlight the potential health risks associated with it, and will provide you with suggestions for how to avoid coming in contact with BPA.
  • BPA is short for bisphenol-a, which is a chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastics that are used in plastic baby bottles, drinking bottles, and storage containers.
  • The human demographics that draw the most concern and appear to be at the highest risk for any potential health issues that could arise from BPA are infants and pregnant women.
  • The irony in the public response to BPA is that most of it is focused on plastic bottles, but the majority of BPA is ingested through the polycarbonate lining in canned foods.