Sentence Examples

  • McCarthy (1896), by Boyer d'Agen, (Jeunesse de Leon XIII.
  • There on the 4th of May 1794 he married Mlle Catherine Boyer, though he was a minor and had not the consent of his family - an act which brought him into a state almost approaching disgrace and penury.
  • Some submitted, among them Gensonne, Guadet, Vergniaud, Petion, Birotteau and Boyer-Fonfrede.
  • On the 28th of July a decree of the Convention proscribed, as traitors and enemies of their country, twenty-one deputies, the final list of those sent for trial comprising the names of Antiboul, Boilleau the younger, Boyer-Fonfrede, Brissot, Carra, Duchastel, the younger Ducos, Dufriche de Valaze, Duprat, Fauchet, Gardien, Gensonne, Lacaze, Lasource, Lauze-Deperret, Lehardi, Lesterpt-Beauvais, the elder Minvielle, Sillery, Vergniaud and Viger, of whom five were deputies from the Gironde.
  • Boyer in the spring of 1833, their situation was much less favourable.