Sentence Examples

  • By the end of 1901 the price of Italian stock on the Paris Bourse had, however, risen to par or thereabouts.
  • Its first steps in war economy were confined to the sphere of finance and credit: the bourse was closed, and a moratorium announced.
  • The Senne was bricked in, and the fine boulevards du Nord, Anspach, Hainaut and Midi took the place of slums. The Bourse and the post-office are two fine modern buildings in this quarter of the city.
  • The attitude of several of his colleagues was more equivocal, but though they coquetted with French financiers in the hope of obtaining the support of the Paris Bourse for Italian securities, the precipitate renewal of the alliance destroyed all probability of a close understanding with France.
  • Beyond the gate is the small Place de la Bourse, in which is the British consulate.