Sentence Examples

  • It has a trade in cereals, cotton, opium, valonia and boracite and is connected by a carriage road with Balikisri.
  • The concessions are to be for 99 years with the exception of chrome, emery, boracite and other minerals found only in the form of deposits, which may be granted for not less than 40 years or more than 99 years.
  • The free acid is found native in certain volcanic districts such as Tuscany, the Lipari Islands and Nevada, issuing mixed with steam from fissures in the ground; it is also found as a constituent of many minerals (borax, boracite, boronatrocalcite and colemanite).
  • It may also be obtained by the decomposition of boracite with hot hydrochloric acid.
  • The sanjak is rich in mineral wealth; silver mines are worked at Balia and boracite mines at Susurlu.

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