Sentence Examples

  • And because it's an individual shop and not a chain, you might explain that it's a teacher's leather bookbag and thus get a discount, as most people want to show their support for some of the nation's hardest workers.
  • Lion and the Lamb Canvas Bookbag: One side features the quote "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" and the other side has a full-color image of Edward and Bella.
  • Fans of the show are extremely loyal, and there are a wide variety of retail items that have been licensed to carry images from the show, including the Naruto bookbag.
  • Cartoon Fans Club - This store has all kinds of items for cartoon lovers, including a full-sized, brightly colored Naruto backpack that can be used as a bookbag.
  • The large bookbag it sells is reminiscent of the classic school satchel with two brass buckles and a square shape, perfect for holding notebooks and files.