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  • The chief sources for St Dominic's life are the account by Jordan of Saxony, his successor as master-general of the order, and the evidence of the witnesses at the Process of Canonization, - all in the Bollandists' Acta sanctorum, Aug.
  • BOLLANDISTS, the Belgian Jesuits who publish the Ada Sanctorum, the great collection of biographies and legends of the saints, arranged by days, in the order of the calendar.
  • In 1788 the work of the Bollandists ceased.
  • After the re-establishment of the Society of Jesus in Belgium the work was again taken up in 1837, at the suggestion of the Academie Royale of Belgium and with the support of the Belgian government, and the Bollandists were installed at the college of St Michael in Brussels.
  • In 1882 the activities of the Bollandists were exerted in a new direction, with a view to bringing the work more into line with the progress of historical methods.

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