Sentence Examples

  • See Boll, Chronik der Vorderstadt Neubrandenburg (1875).
  • The damage may be only slight, or the entire boll may ripen prematurely and become dry and dead.
  • The fruit or boll is round, containing five cells, each of which is again divided into two, thus forming ten divisions, each of which contains a single seed.
  • Bouche-Leclercq, L'Astrologie grecque (Paris, 1899), with a full bibliography; Franz Boll, Sphaera (Leipzig, 1903); Franz Cumont, Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum (Brussels, 1898; 7 parts published up to 1909); Franz Boll, "Die Erforschung der antiken Astrologie" (in Neue Jahrbiicher fur das klassische Altertum, Band xxi.
  • Of this total no less than $40,000,000 (8,000,000) is credited to a small beetle, the cotton boll weevil, and to two caterpillars.