Sentence Examples

  • (Modified from Horst.) A, Blastula stage (one-cell-layered eaten its way into the in sac), with commencing invaginated endodermal sac, vagination of the wall of the and the cells pushed in with sac at bl, the blastopore.
  • The four principal phases in the development are: (I) Blastula, (2) Gastrula, (3) Flagellate Embryo, (4) Larva.
  • Then follows the phenomenon of gastrulation, by which onehalf of the blastula is invaginated into the other, so as to obliterate the segmentation cavity.
  • If the embryo is set free as a free-swimming, so-called planula-larva, in the blastula, parenchymula, or gastrula stage, then a free actinula stage is not found; if, on the other hand, a free actinula occurs, then there is no free planula stage.
  • The result of cleavage in all cases is a typical blastula, which when set free becomes oval and develops a flagellum to each cell, but when not set free, it remains spherical in form and has no flagella.