Sentence Examples

  • A small whitehead or blackhead may leave behind a red or brown mark which will diminish over time, but inflamed and pus-filled pimples often result in longer-lasting scars or a pitted appearance.
  • Whether you use a simple method like exfoliation, or choose a more extensive treatment, such as a chemical peel or removal tool, your skin can be clear, beautiful, and blackhead free.
  • Salons may offer steam treatments, exfoliation, blackhead or pore extraction, peels, masks, toning, facial massage, miniaturization, LED light therapy, and more.
  • When you spot a blackhead, the natural inclination is to push it out of the skin, but skin professionals say this tactic may damage your skin.
  • When you have an overabundance of sebum plugs or blackheads in your face and body, you should consider blackhead removal.