Sentence Examples

  • Dentil mouldings, of which examples may still be seen in the remains of the palace of Blachernae at Constantinople, are characteristic of Venetian ornamentation at this period, and remain a permanent feature in Venetian architecture down to the 11th century.
  • 9 Having officiated as a deacon in the church of the Resurrection at Berytus, he removed to Constantinople, where he was attached to the churches of Blachernae and Cyrus.
  • In Byzantine times the two last hills were named respectively the hill of Blachernae and the Xerolophos or dry hill.
  • In addition to the territory enclosed within the limits just described, the suburb of Sycae or Galata, on the opposite side of the Golden Horn, and the suburb of Blachernae, on the 6th hill, were regarded as parts of the city, but stood within their own fortifications.
  • There the new works joined the walls of the suburb of Blachernae, and thus Em ate70tPsamatfii:a Scale, 1:46,000 One Statute Mile 7 Ancient sites are shown by thick lines and lettered thus:-.