Sentence Examples

  • They give the biuret and xanthoproteic reactions, and form salts with both acids and bases.
  • The diketotetrahydrotriazoles, or urazoles, are formed by condensing urea derivatives with hydrazine salts, urazole itself resulting by the action of urea or biuret on hydrazine or its salts.
  • When heated above its melting-point, it yields ammonia, cyanuric acid, biuret and ammelide.
  • Urea may be recognized by its crystalline oxalate and nitrate, which are produced on adding oxalic and nitric acids to concentrated solutions of the base; by the white precipitate formed on adding mercuric nitrate to the neutral aqueous solutions of urea; and by the so-called "biuret" reaction.
  • Biuret (allophanamide), NH 2 CO NH CO NH 2, is formed by heating urea; by the action of ammonia on allophanic ester; and by heating urea to 140° C. and passing chlorine into the melt at 140-150° C. (J.

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