Bist meaning

(Built-In Self Test) A function built into a machine that tests its reliability. Found in integrated circuits (chip), avionics and electronic systems of all types, a BIST may operate only once at startup (see POST) or periodically while the system is running.
(UK dialectal, Bristolian, Northern England) Originally used to form the second person singular of be, but can denote other present tense forms, such as: are, am, is.

Where bist goin'.Where are you going?

I bist goin' 'ome.I am going home.

How bist?How are you?


Origin of bist

  • From Middle English bist, beest, best, from Old English bist ("(thou) art"; second person singular of bēon (“to be”)), from Proto-Germanic *biusi (“(thou) art”), equivalent to be +‎ -est. Cognate with West Frisian bist (“(thou) art”), Low German büst (“(thou) art”), German bist (“(thou) art”).

    From Wiktionary