Sentence Examples

  • While it's easy to choose a gemstone if you wish to go with your own birthstone, the birthstone of your significant other, or the birthstone of your child, there are other ways to choose gemstones that are equally symbolic.
  • Whether you select a charm that says "#1 Nana" or a more personalized birthstone necklace, you can give a grandmother something to cherish while you commemorate her special place in the hearts of her grandchildren.
  • Ruby is also the designated July birthstone, and birthstone engagement rings can be a highly symbolic and sentimental options for July-born brides or couples whose nuptials will take place at the height of summer.
  • The type of stone you choose can be a birthstone, favorite color, or hold some other significance for you and your spouse-to-be, making the ring even more meaningful than representing your love for one another.
  • You could opt for the birthstone of the month you met, the month you got engaged (assuming a ring wasn't presented at the time, of course), the month you intend to get married, or the month of your first date.

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