Sentence Examples

  • Binocular microscopes have therefore been constructed on this plan.
  • Led to the construction of a non-stereoscopic binocular microscope.
  • The construction of binocular instruments dates back over several centuries, and has now been brought to great perfection.
  • The instrument subsequently fell into complete neglect for nearly two centuries, to be revived in 1852 by Charles Wheatstone, who has stated that he had previously studied the problem; the publication of his views in his second great paper "On Binocular Vision," 1 in the Phil.
  • This method, on which he laid great stress, and for the facilitation of which he invented a binocular glass, and devised some skilful mechanical contrivances, was offered by him in 1616 to the Spanish government, and afterwards to that of Tuscany, but in each case unsuccessfully; and the close of his life was occupied with prolonged but fruitless negotiations on the same subject with the states-general of Holland.