Sentence Examples

  • Of Beziers), the poet, and some time in the 13th century lived Joseph Ezobhi of Perpignan, whose ethical poem, Qe`arath Yoseph, was translated by Reuchlin and later by others.
  • Boudard's Etudes sur l'alphabet iberien (Paris, 1852), and Numismatique iberienne (Beziers, 1859); Aloiss Heiss, Notes sur les monnaies celtiberiennes (Paris, 1865), and Descriptionenerale des monnaies antiques de l'Espagne (Paris, 1870); Phillips, O Ober das iberische Alphabet (Vienna, 1870), Die Einwanderung der Iberer in die pyren.
  • Although he was not successful in his attempt to recover Narbonne (737), he destroyed the fortresses of Agde, Beziers and Maguelonne, and set fire to the amphitheatre at Nimes.
  • JEAN BARBEYRAC (1674-1744), French jurist, the nephew of Charles Barbeyrac, a distinguished physician of Montpellier, was born at Beziers in Lower Languedoc on the 15th of March 1674.
  • Restrictions were placed upon them by the synod of Fritzlar (1269), by that of Mainz (1281) and Eichstatt (1281), and by the synod of Beziers (1299) they were absolutely forbidden.

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