Sentence Examples

  • In the West she was identified with Martha of Bethany; in the East she was called Berenike, or Beronike, the name appearing in as early a work as the Ada Pilati, the most ancient form of which goes back to the 4 th century.
  • He first entered Kentucky University but finished his course at Bethany College in 1873.
  • The township was formed from parts of Waterbury, Bethany and Oxford, and was incorporated in 1844; the borough was chartered in 1893; and the two were combined in 1895.
  • 37); (2) with Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus and Martha.
  • 50): Jesus withdraws beyond Jordan, and then comes to Bethany, His friend Lazarus being buried three days; proclaims Himself the Resurrection and the Life; and calls Lazarus back to life.