Sentence Examples

  • BELLEROPHON, or Bellerophontes, in Greek legend, son of Glaucus or Poseidon, grandson of Sisyphus and local hero of Corinth.
  • But Anteia (or Stheneboea), wife of Proetus, became enamoured of Bellerophon, and, when he refused her advances, charged him with an attempt upon her virtue.
  • Bellerophon,mounted on Pegasus(q.v.),kept up in the air out of the way of the Chimaera, but yet near enough to kill it with his spear, or, as he is at other times represented,with his sword or with a bow.
  • Bellerophon is said to have returned to Tiryns and avenged himself on Anteia: he persuaded her to fly with him on his winged horse, and then flung her into the sea near the island of Melos (Schol.
  • Bellerophon was honoured as a hero at Corinth and in Lycia.