Sentence Examples

  • Hutchinson Field, another public park, is a part of the estate of the last royal governor, Thomas Hutchinson; Governor Jonathan Belcher also lived in Milton for a time.
  • Murray, Pitcairn (London, 1860), revised to date by C. C. Elcum (1885); Lady Belcher, The Mutineers of the "Bounty" (London, 1870); J.
  • John Cutt, president..1679-1681Richard Waldron, president..1681-1682Edward Cranfield, lieutenant-governor.1682-1685Walter Barefoot, deputy-governor.1685-1686Joseph Dudley, president of Council for New England.1686-1687Edmund Andros, governor-general of New England..1687-1689Without a government.1689-1690Nominally united with Massachusetts1690-1692Samuel Allen, governor.1692-1698Richard Coote, earl of Bellamont, governor1699-1701Joseph Dudley, governor.1702-1715Samuel Shute, governor..1716-1723John Wentworth, lieutenant-governor1723-1728William Burnett, governor1729-1730Jonathan Belcher, governor.1730-1741Benning Wentworth, governor.1741-1767John Wentworth, governor.
  • There are many residences of New York business men, and several historic buildings, including Liberty Hall, the mansion of William Livingston, first governor of the state; Boxwood Hall (now used as a home for aged women), the former home of Elias Boudinot; the old brick mansion of Jonathan Belcher (1681-1757), governor of the province from 1747 to 1757; the First Presbyterian Church; and the house occupied at different times by General Winfield Scott.