Sentence Examples

  • I, Simple disk of Microcodon; 2, bdelloid disk of Rotifer and of most Melicertids showing dorsal gap; 3, disk of Hydatina, with lobed ridges in the groove, bearing vibratile styles (membranelles); 4, disk of Melicerta ringens and M.
  • Conifera; the star represents the ciliated cup connected by ciliated depressions with the groove; 5, disk of Conochilus, like the Bdelloid, but with mouth antero-dorsal, the gap postero-ventral; 6, disk of Stephanoceroscingulum broken up into setiferous lobes, groove a naked funnel, trochus a horseshoe-shaped ridge, mouth central.
  • This statement may seem to need qualification; for the male of no Bdelloid has been seen, and there is but a doubtful record of" winter-eggs in this group. But possibly, as in Seisonaceae, the males resemble the females, and have escaped recognition.
  • A, Notholca longispina, lorica only; b, Anuraea aculeata, like the former, a floating pelagic type (plankton proper); c, Synchaeta stylata; corona with accessory antennae and sensory styles; auricles for swimming - an actively swimming pelagic type (nekton); d, Pterodina patina, with bdelloid corona and retractile foot with terminal ciliated cup; e, Distyla gissensis partly extended; f, Rattulus tigris.
  • As rotifers are common in ponds, the first workers with the microscope observed them repeatedly, the first record being that of John Harris in 1696, who found a Bdelloid in a gallipot that had been standing in his window.