Sentence Examples

  • Outer Bay - The main exhibit is the Outer Bay Waters, the 1.2 million gallon home to tuna, sharks, barracuda and sea turtles, where visitors can be seen standing seemingly mesmerized in front of the room-sized, 13-inch thick acrylic window.
  • There are more than a few styles of swim goggles by Barracuda, and some are designed for specific purposes, like racing, while others are popular with several types of swimmers.
  • Swim Outlet also has Barracuda swim goggles for a low price, so if you just need a pair of those with no customized prescription, this may be the place to shop.
  • Swim Outlet: You'll find a handful of Barracuda styles including the Standard, Ultimate, Mermaid, HydroBat Racing with Mirror, B300, Predator, and more.
  • Little Queen, the band's follow-up album, was another massive hit, selling millions and seeing the song Barracuda chart just under the top 10 in 1977.