Sentence Examples

  • Swim Outlet also has Barracuda swim goggles for a low price, so if you just need a pair of those with no customized prescription, this may be the place to shop.
  • Little Queen, the band's follow-up album, was another massive hit, selling millions and seeing the song Barracuda chart just under the top 10 in 1977.
  • Gator's Gush, Barracuda Blast and Pelican Plunge: The three 40-foot body and raft water slides offer wet and wild fun for older kids and adults.
  • Any true music fan is familiar with the hit singles of legendary band Heart: Barracuda, Magic Man and Alone are some of the biggest in rock history.
  • Don a pair of fins, a sleekly designed swim cap, and a racing suit, and you'll find yourself jetting though the water like a Barracuda in no time!