Sentence Examples

  • With proper precautions and safe play, the Six Flags Banzai Falls water slide and related inflatable water slide models can provide hours of summer fun for all ages, even without a larger water park to visit..
  • Because of Six Flags' popularity and familiarity as a great family getaway, it is no surprise that Banzai has partnered with the theme park chain for corporate name recognition.
  • All Banzai slides come with blower motors for quick inflation, and current models can be purchased seasonally at large retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys 'R Us.
  • Banzai Falls Water Slide: This classic Six Flags Banzai Falls water slide model is similar to the Mega Racer but only features one lane for a single rider at a time.
  • Several inflatable water slides, such as the Six Flags Banzai Falls Water Slide, also bear the logo because of the slides' affiliation with the park chain.

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