Sentence Examples

  • Other over the lower Bannock Burn near its junction with the Forth.
  • BANNOCK, the name of a county in the south-east of the state of Idaho, U.S.A., and of a river in the same state, which runs northward in Oneida county into the Snake or Lewis river.
  • In 1901 the Academy of Idaho, another state institution with industrial and technical courses and a preparatory department, was established at Pocatello,Bannock county, to be a connecting link between the public schools and the university.
  • It is situated on the "burn" from which its name is derived, the Bannock (Gaelic, ban oc, "white, shining stream"), a right-hand affluent of the Forth, which was once a considerable river.
  • Bruce made no attempt to defend the border, and selected his defensive position on the Bannock Burn, 22 m.

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