Sentence Examples

  • The result is that practically all the trade of these states is in the hands of Bangkok Chinese firms, of a certain number of European houses and others, while most of the manual labour connected with the teak industry is done by Ka Mus, who migrate in large numbers from the left bank of the Mekong.
  • The khiao were invested by a gold dish, betel-box, spittoon and teapot, which were sent from Bangkok and returned at their death or deposition.
  • Two companies provide Bangkok with a complete system of electric tramways, and the streets are lined with shade-trees and lit by electricity.
  • Many fine buildings are to be seen - the various public offices, the arsenal, the mint, the palaces of various princes and, in addition to these, schools, hospitals, markets and Christian churches of many denominations, chiefly Roman Catholic. There are four railway stations in Bangkok,the termini of the lines which connect the provinces with the capital.
  • The climate of Bangkok has without doubt recently changed.