Sentence Examples

  • From the eastern end of this pass is the Rocky Mountains Park, with the famous watering-place of Banff as its centre; (3) the Yellow Head Pass, running west from the northern branch of the Saskatchewan river; this pass was discovered by Capt.
  • THOMAS DEMPSTER (1579-1625), Scottish scholar and historian, was born at Cliftbog, Aberdeenshire, the son of Thomas Dempster of Muresk, Auchterless and Killesmont, sheriff of Banff and Buchan.
  • BANFF, a royal, municipal and police burgh, seaport and capital of Banffshire, Scotland.
  • Of the old castle on the hill by the sea, in which Archbishop Sharp was born, scarcely a trace remains; but upon its site was erected the modern Banff Castle, belonging to the earl of Seafield.
  • Of the museum, which originally belonged to the defunct Banff Institution and was afterwards taken over by the town council, Thomas Edward - the "working naturalist," whose life was so sympathetically written by Samuel Smiles - was curator for a few years.