Sentence Examples

  • If the ship heels through an angle 0 or a slope of I in m, GM =GG 1 cot 8=mc(P/W), (r) and GM is called the metacentric height; and the ship must be ballasted, so that G lies below M.
  • Single lines are: Koszedari-JanovShavli-Murajevo-Lusha (to Mitau); Radzivilishki-Ponevez-Jalovka-Kalkuni (which joins the Vilna-Dvinsk double line at Kalkuni); Murajevo (Musheiki)-Ringen (to Mitau with ballasted track for second line); Suvalki-Pinsk-Olita-Daugi (to Orani), which joins a double line at Orani.
  • Ballasted with G at B, the righting couple when the ship is heeled through 0 is given by W.BM.