Sentence Examples

  • The Lower Hungarian highlands extend between the Danube, the Mur, and Lake Balaton, and attain in the] Mesek hills near Mohacs and Pecs an altitude of 2200 ft.
  • The Sio and the Kapos or Zichy canal between Lake Balaton and the Danube is joined by the Sat-viz canal, which drains the marshes south of Sopron.
  • Hungary has two large lakes, Balaton (q.v.) or Platten-See, the largest lake of southern Europe, and Ferto or Neusiedler See.
  • The vine is cultivated over the greater part of Hungary, the chief grape-growing districts being those of the Hegyalja (Tokaj), Sopron, and Ruszt, Merles, Somlyo (Schomlau), Bellye and Villany, Balaton, Neszmely, Visonta, Eger (Erlau) and Buda.
  • The advance of Jellachich as far as Lake Balaton had not been checked, the Magyar troops, though - contrary to his expectation - none joined him, offering no opposition.

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