Sentence Examples

  • This group is responsible for breaking down other foods in the digestive system, maintaining liver function, and helping with the functions of the nervous system.Leafy green vegetables contain many of the B-complex vitamins.
  • In addition to containing 96 different nutrients, bee pollen combines 22 amino acids, vitamin C, B-complex and folic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, and carotene - all major antioxidants.
  • Children who have frequent canker sores may benefit from dietary supplements of B-complex vitamin or may undergo blood and allergy tests to see if some other underlying cause can be identified.
  • Since the functioning of the B vitamins is interrelated, it is generally recommended that the appropriate dose of B-complex vitamins be taken in place of single B vitamin supplements.
  • You most frequently hear about the B-complex vitamin in relation to pregnancy, but folate is an essential nutrient best obtained by eating foods rich in folic acid.