Sentence Examples

  • The Santiago, which enters the Maranon near the Pongo de Manseriche, is formed by the confluence of the Paute, which rises in the province of Azuay, and the Zamora, which has its source among the mountains of Loja.
  • Coal of good quality has been found in Azuay and at other points, and petroleum is known to exist in several localities.
  • AZUAY (sometimes written Assuay), a province of Ecuador, bounded N.
  • It was formerly called Cuenca, and formed part of the department of Azuay, which also included the province of Loja.
  • Azuay is an elevated mountainous district with a great variety of climates and products; among the latter are silver, quicksilver, wheat, Indian corn, barley, cattle, wool, cinchona and straw hats.

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