Sentence Examples

  • The principal chromophores are the azo, -N = N -, azoxy, = N 2 O, nitro, - N02, nitroso, - NO, and carbonyl, = CO, groups.
  • In acid solution, amines are obtained, in alkaline solution, azoxy, azo and hydrazo compounds, and in neutral solution hydroxylamino compounds.
  • By oxidizing agents they are converted into azoxy compounds, and by reducing agents into hydrazo compounds or amines.
  • Azoxy Compounds, R N O N R', are usually yellow or red crystalline solids which result from the reduction of nitro or nitroso compounds by heating them with alcoholic potash (preferably using methyl alcohol).
  • It combines with aromatic amines to form azocompounds, with arylhydroxylamines to form azoxy compounds, and with hydroxylamine it gives isodiazobenzene.