Sentence Examples

  • 6 !coo-µoirX avos cis uias OEOi Kai rote: n pE7a Kai TEpara).
  • 7r(avos = K(aµos, bean, and NÆt y, to boil), an ancient festival in honour of Apollo, held at Athens on the 7th of the month Pyanepsion (October).
  • The Attic a, which does not represent an IndoEuropean a, but arises by contraction, as in OtXe77-m, or through the lengthening of the vowel sound as the result of the loss of a consonant, as in Eiprt j Avos for FEFpn Avos) the short sound is represented by B; c is found at Corinth in its oldest form, and also as I, while in Thera it is In Thera the w sound of digamma (F) was entirely lost, and therefore is not represented.

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