Sentence Examples

  • Such was the Averroist doctrine of the unity of intellect - the eternal and universal nature of true intellectual life.
  • Albertus Magnus and St Thomas devote special treatises to an examination of the Averroist theory of the unity of intellect, which they labour to confute in order to establish the orthodoxy of Aristotle.
  • Became the seat of Averroist Aristotelianism; and, when Padua was conquered by Venice in 1405, the printers of the republic spread abroad the teaching of the professors in the university.
  • Even a lady of Venice, Cassandra Fedele, in 1480, gained her laurels in defence of Averroist theses.
  • Pomponazzi defended the Alexandrist doctrine of the utter mortality of the soul, whilst Agostino Nifo, the Averroist, was entrusted by Leo X.