Sentence Examples

  • The aurochs (Bos urns) appears to exist still in the forests of the western Caucasus.
  • According to the German Freiherr von Herberstein (1486-1566), in his Moscovia, of which an Italian translation was published at Venice in 1550, the aurochs survived in Poland (and probably also in Hungary) during the latter middle ages.
  • In this work appear woodcuts - rude but characteristic and unmistakable - of two distinct types of European wild cattle; one the aurochs, or ur, and the other the bison.
  • It has indeed been suggested that the figure of the aurochs was taken from a domesticated ox, but this is a mistaken idea.
  • Not the least important feature of the work of Herberstein is the application of the name aurochs to the wild ox, as distinct from the bison.