Sentence Examples

  • His psychology is founded on a proposed distinction between " attuition " and reason.
  • His theory of "attuition," by which he supposes that we become conscious of objects outside ourselves, is his " return to dualism," and is indeed so like natural realism as to suggest that, like Ferrier, he starts from Hamilton to end in Hegel.
  • He carries its operation beforereason still farther, supposing that " attuition " makes particular inferences about outside objects, and that a man, or a dog, through association " attuites " sequence and invariableness of succession, and, in fact, gets as far in the direction of causation as Hume thought it possible to go at all.
  • Laurie's view is that a dog who has no higher faculty than " attuition," can go no farther; but that a man goes farther by reason.
  • He thinks that " attuition " gives us consciousness of an object, but without knowledge, and that knowledge begins with reason.

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