Sentence Examples

  • An Atmos clock consists of a hermetically sealed capsule that contains ethyl chloride, which is a combination of gas and liquid that expands and contracts according to the temperature, forcing air through the mechanisms inside.
  • In 1928, Jean-Léon Reutter, a Swiss engineer, built the first Atmos prototype, which used a mercury-in-glass expansion device that utilized temperature alone rather than temperature combined with atmospheric pressure.
  • Building upon a foundation laid more than two centuries ago, Jaeger Lecoultre (JL) has created a marvel of engineering in the Atmos that continues to evolve aesthetically and technologically.
  • Conceptualized by Australian designer, Marc Newson, JL's latest Atmos features the new 566 caliber movement housed inside an elegant, bubble-shaped Baccarat crystal cabinet.
  • Learn more about the Jaeger Lecoultre Atmos legacy by visiting the JL website and exploring the many JL Atmos clocks and watches currently on the market.