Sentence Examples

  • Some were flops (Atari Jaguar), some were huge successes (Super Nintendo), some made small splashes (3D0), and others struggled and were ultimately defeated, leaving a small but dedicated fan base to keep the memory alive (Sega Dreamcast).
  • Two years later, Midway Games West, the renamed acquisition of Atari Games, was closed as well.Operating as an independent company in its own building in Chicago, Midway Games continues to develop video games for many consoles.
  • And game developers faced a bewildering array of possible development platforms, all competing without a clear leader: the Apple II, the IBM PC, the Timex-Sinclair, the Atari 400/800, the Tandy/Radio Shack TSR-80, and more.
  • Most of you might remember the Atari 2600, which spurred on a generation of pushing buttons and moving joysticks in the late 70's, but you might be surprised to find there were a small group of gamers before that.
  • As the only other "next-generation" machines the public had experienced up to that point, people came to expect that the Super Nintendo would have the backwards compatibility found on the Atari machines.