Sentence Examples

  • If you buy him some that will make him feel like you want him in the bedroom ASAP, he probably won't mind (though you may want to throw in tickets to see his favorite action movie, too-and go with him, without falling asleep.
  • Emails that purport to be from someone who wants to send you money may have far too many phrases that implore you to act immediately such as "Reply ASAP!" or "This offer ends in one hour!"
  • If you don't need your phone ASAP, consider waiting around for one of these times of year for a sale, especially if you plan to sign up for more than one phone.
  • ASAP Tickets is a member of the Better Business Bureau and employs over 70 travel agents so you can talk live with someone if you have any travel questions.
  • If you truly need money ASAP -for example to pay a bill that is about to go to a collections agency- call the creditor and explain your financial trouble.