Sentence Examples

  • Arb(o)rem, Cat.
  • Applying the distributive law, we obtain, when r+s>n, ArB 8 = EaErE i 3E 8 = E(a(3)ErEs, where the regressive products E r E B are to be reduced to units of species (r+s-n) by the foregoing rule.
  • To represent the simplest perpetuant, of weight 7, we may take as base either A2B 1 B 2 or A l A 2 B2, and since Ai+Bi =o the former is equivalent to A 2 ArB 2 and the latter to A 2 B i B2; so that we have, (1 -f-aix) (1 + a2x).
  • Those of the desert region are only slight indentations in a remarkably uniform coast-line, sheltered on H arb ours.
  • (1891); Hatschek, Arb.