Sentence Examples

  • Use only 100 percent high grown Arabica coffee.
  • Arabica, in which the horns have a somewhat S-shaped curvature in profile.
  • He wrote many historical and geographical works, of which some seem to have been voluminous and of considerable value on account of the sources to which their author had access: (I)`Pwµai,u (2) 'AvvuptaKet: (3) (4) De Arabia sive De expeditione arabica; (5) Physiologa; (6) De Euphorbia herba; (7) IIEpi Ora: (8) IIEpl (IIEpi i'wypci wv): (10) ` Oµo&ornTEs: (II) IIEpi 400pas: (12) 'E?riypaµµa.
  • Acacia arabica is the gum-arabic tree of India, but yields a gum inferior to the true gum-arabic. An astringent medicine, called catechu or cutch, is procured from several species, but more especially from Acacia catechu, by boiling down the wood and evaporating the solution so as to get an extract.
  • The bark of Acacia arabica, under the name of babul or babool, is used in Scinde for tanning.