Apoplectic Definition

Of, like, or causing apoplexy.
Webster's New World
Having apoplexy.
Webster's New World
Extremely angry, upset, etc.
He was apoplectic over the missed deadline.
Webster's New World
Of, resembling, or produced by apoplexy.
An apoplectic fit.
American Heritage
Having or inclined to have apoplexy.
American Heritage
A person having or likely to have apoplexy.
Webster's New World

Origin of Apoplectic

  • From French apoplectique, from Late Latin apoplēcticus, from Ancient Greek ἀποπληκτικός (apoplēktikos), from ἀπόπληκτος (apoplēktos), from ἀποπλήσσω (apoplēssō), from ἀπό (apo, “of, from”) + πλήσσω (plēssō, “I strike”).

    From Wiktionary

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