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  • (1860); Romanism and Rationalism (1863); Outlines of Apologetical Theology (1867); The Doctrine of the Presbyterian Church (1876); Unbelief in the i 8th Century (1881); Doctrinal Principles of the United Presbyterian Church (Dr Blair's Manual, 1888) .
  • His first apologetical work ('AiroXo-ynrtKOs), written probably about 360 or 365, has been entirely recovered from the celebrated refutation of it by Basil, and may be found in J.
  • In 1684, while Perth, and his brother, Melfort, who went over to Rome, were in power, Renwick emitted an " Apologetical Declaration," in which the active enemies of his sect were threatened with secret trials and with assassination (October), and a " curate," with some soldiers, was murdered.
  • He published A History of Rationalism (1866); Hagenbach's Church History of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (2 vols., 1869); von Oosterzee's John's Gospel: Apologetical Lectures (1869); Lange's Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (1869); Martyrs to the Tract Cause: A Contribution to the History of the Reformation (1872), a translation and revision of Thelemann's Martyrer der Traktatsache (1864); Outlines of Bible History (1873); Outlines of Church History (1874); Life and Literature in the Fatherland (1875), brilliant sketches of Germany; a brief pamphlet, Our Theological Century (1877); Bibliotheca Theologica (1883), a compilation by his students, revised by G.

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