Sentence Examples

  • In situations where the sleep apnea condition has worsened to a severe level or when there are complications that make sleep apnea life threatening, dentists and doctors will work together to determine if a surgical procedure is necessary.
  • Respironics CPAP technology began in 1985, when the company introduced the first commercial continuous positive airway pressure device, and its innovations have continued to improve sleep for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.
  • In addition to patient supplies such as the CPAP devices, masks and tubing, Resmed also produces devices for clinical use including the Apnealink monitor which can help a clinician determine sleep apnea in a patient during a sleep study.
  • The American Sleep Apnea Association recommends placing tennis balls in a tube sock and pinning them to your nightclothes to break the habit of sleeping on your back, which can cause your airway to close down, a symptom of sleep apnea.
  • In addition, a sleep study can determine whether the patient has central sleep apnea, a condition that involves disruptions in breathing during the night caused by underlying medical conditions, heart failure, or neurological problems.