Sentence Examples

  • Usually this would be a server installed with Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), although Sun has a product called Chili!Soft ASP which enables ASP to run on other non-Microsoft servers such as Apache, Red Hat, and others.
  • Space is very cheap, and most of the time the Apache or Microsoft server software is operating far below capacity.This leaves them with the ability to offer free web space, with the server software included, to new clients.
  • The Indian element in the population is made up of several distinct races - the Aztec or Mexican, Misteca-Zapoteca, Maya or Yucateco, Otomi or Othomi, and in smaller number the Totonac, Tarasco, Apache, Matlanzingo, Chontal, Mixe, Zoque, Guaicuro, OpataPima, Tapijulapa, Seri and Huavi.
  • The other Indians live on reservations, of which there are three: the Mescalero Apache reservation, in Otero county, containing 554 Indians in 190o; the Jicarilla Apache reservation, in Rio Arriba county, with a population of 829; and the Navaho reservation, in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, which contains in that part of it situated in New Mexico a population of 2480.
  • The Apache Indians, the most savage of all, were placed on reservations somewhat later, but for many years bands of their warriors would escape and make raids into New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico.