Sentence Examples

  • Of the Temple and probably formed the basis of the citadel built by Simon Maccabaeus, which again was succeeded by the fortress of Antonia, constructed by Herod the Great, and one of the most important positions at the time of the siege by Titus.
  • Some writers place it north of the Temple on the site afterwards occupied by the fortress of Antonia, but such a position is not in accord with the descriptions either in Josephus or in the books of the Maccabees, which are quite consistent with each other.
  • He also built the great fortress of Antonia, N.W.
  • He explains clearly how Titus, beginning his attack from the north, captured the third or outer wall, then the second wall,'` and finally the fortress of Antonia, the Temple, and the upper city.
  • When their forces met at Jericho, Hyrcanus, finding that the bulk of his following deserted to Aristobulus, fled with those who remained to the tower Antonia and seized Aristobulus's wife and children as hostages for his own safety.