Sentence Examples

  • Stylaster has cyclosystems. In Allopora the cyclostems resemble the calyces of Anthozoan corals.
  • The most familiar Anthozoan is the common sea-anemone, Actinia equina, L., and it will serve, although it does not form a skeleton or corallum, as a good example of the structure of a typical Anthozoan polyp or zooid.
  • In Actinia, as in all Anthozoan zooids, the coelenteron is not a simple cavity, as in a Hydroid, but is divided by a number of radial folds or curtains of soft tissue into a corresponding number of radial chambers.
  • - Diagrammatic longitudinal section of an Anthozoan zooid.
  • In the common sea-anemone, Actinia equina (which has already been quoted as a type of Anthozoan structure), the mesenteries are numerous and are arranged in cycles.