Sentence Examples

  • The marriage was commonly antedated to the 14th of November 1532.
  • Permanent settlement antedated 1639 at least, and in 1642 the township was incorporated.
  • They procured confidence in their actual predictions by appealing to the literal fulfilment of such antedated prophecy.
  • The present library (antedated by several circulating, social and professional collections) may justly be said to have had its origin in the efforts of the Parisian, Alexandre Vattemare (1796-1864), from 1830 on, to foster international exchanges.
  • Unfortunately this crude solution of the problem proved too much; for conditions were no worse immediately before the revolt than they had been for centuries, and German complaints of papal tyranny go back to Hildegard of Bingen and Walther von der Vogeiweide, who antedated Luther by more than three centuries.