Sentence Examples

  • When the annuitant is ready to start withdrawing funds from the plan, he or she will likely be in retirement and the money withdrawn may be taxed at a lower rate than when the individual was working full-time.
  • Money can be taken out of the annuity through a system of regular electronic withdrawals or the annuitant can access the funds as needed by writing a check on the annuity account.
  • If the annuitant needs to withdraw funds from the plan before he or she reaches retirement age, he or she can withdraw up to 10 percent of the amount held in the plan per year.
  • Instead, the annuitant makes a single or multiple payments into the plan and the insurance company guarantees to provide payments based on the amount deposited into it.
  • An annuitant may get a higher rate of interest in some years, but the company guarantees that the value will never be lower than the minimum provided by the plan.