Sentence Examples

  • Angstrom in his celebrated researches upon wave-lengths.
  • ANDERS JONAS ANGSTROM (1814-1874), Swedish physicist, was born on the 13th of August 1814 at LOgdO, Medelpad, Sweden.
  • His son, Knut Johan Angstrom, was born at Upsala on the 12th of January 1857, and studied at the university of that town from 1877 to 1884.
  • The most convenient unit is that adopted by the International Union of Solar Research and is called an Angstrom (A); and is equal to i 08 cms. A.
  • Perot's number is now definitely adopted to define the Angstrom, and need never be altered, for should at some future time further researches reveal a minute error, it will be only necessary to change slightly the temperature or pressure of the air in which the wave-length is measured.